Richard Giannini

Richard Giannini firmly believes the most solid foundation for success in business is a tried and true entrepreneurial spirit. No matter what one’s education, in the end, the drive and courage to be able to enter a marketplace and take reasoned risks and accept responsibility for the outcome is the first step in business success.

Winning entrepreneurial awards in Las Vegas and Perth, Australia, Richard has built a solid foundation with a proven track record based on these same core fundamentals.

Growing up in Perth, Australia, Richard started his first business right out of university. Soon after, he moved to the United States where he built several franchises from the ground up. Recently, Richard began a national franchise from humble beginnings at a single location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now this business has offices all across America and the UK, along with being publicly listed in Frankfurt, Germany. From being an expert in franchising to a cultural expert in branding internationally, entrepreneurship has always been at the centre of Richard’s life.

Now Richard’s giving back, pursuing his passion of helping the next generation of local young entrepreneurs build socially-beneficial entrepreneurial enterprises.

What Others say about Richard…

Jason Ambrosio  Jason Ambrosio VP of Affilliate Development, AEON; 

I had the privilege of working with Richard for about 3 years. A veteran in the Franchising industry, he is a driven, hard working, and a multi-talented professional. He is very well versed at what it takes to do and bring business to the international stage. Having done business and set up businesses in many different countries, he was an extremely important resource to have.


Dom Ransay, Director of Investment Banking at Madison Street Capital, LLC; Chicago, Illinois

Richard contributed greatly to my life journey.  What a great guy, and a brilliant professional.  He has integrity, is gritty with talent, and has a gentle heart that loves an Adrenaline rush.  I would not think twice of working on any business project with Richard.  He is as inspiring as he is practical. In the field of small to mid-cap business strategizing, he is first class – and he’s a fantastic coach.  Really, I simply cannot say enough about Richard.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend you work with him!