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Richard Giannini

Im on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their grand vision and thrive as leaders in the community. My driving purpose is to create a movement of heart-based, socially-aware entrepreneurs that will lead the world with passion and with heart!

I’ve been fortunate to have done a lot in business and life over the years. Meaning – I’ve screwed up enough times that I’ve managed to work out what works and what doesn’t! However – I am not one of those “Business Guru’s” that purports to be the savior of all things business – but I have become known as the Uniqueness Expert and helping business owners create a true uniqueness in their marketplace so they stand out from the competition and grab the attention of their ideal prospects.

I want to help you save the years of trial, error and learning that I went through and have you skip over all that (at least in creating a true Uniqueness in your marketplace). I really love working with entrepreneurs who have a BIG vision. Those that want to lead the change rather than be governed by it…

Having created a number of programs in the areas I’m “really, really, really” great at – like the “Ultimate Uniqueness System” the “Double Your Client Base” program,  the “Get More Clients Now” Program, the “Business Money Mastery” program and even the “Entrepreneurs With Vision” group. Each of these programs are specifically designed to help you get more Success With your Business.

Over the years I’ve become known worldwide as an expert in franchising and developing systems that anyone can follow and implement. Having trained, supported and mentored over 745 people worldwide to build and run their own franchise business. Plus mentored business owners through more than fifteen thousand mentoring sessions across a massive range of industries during the last 15 years. I’ve come to know a lot of the pitfalls to avoid and how to navigate your way around them to success.

Being fortunate enough to live in a number of countries – but predominantly in the US and Australia – I’ve had the pleasure and honor to work with a huge variety of business people all over the world. They have taught me a lot (hopefully I’ve taught or helped them a lot too). It’s the culmination of all those experiences and my ability to create great systems for you to easily and effortlessly follow that enabled me to create the online programs I have available here. Plus I still work one on one with some great people that inspire me daily.

It humbles me everyday to discover how much more there always is to learn, apply and do and that excites me. Maybe you too share that same desire and hunger. Maybe you and I can work together – at least at some level and create a great synergy?

I’m the kind of guy that have always “jumped first and figured out the details on the way down”. I’m not going to say that’s the best way. For me it excites me doing it that way. Versus planning out every possible detail first and then taking a little step – I found that’s not good for me. I suffer from this thing called “impatience” – that’s bad because sometimes I’m not prepared. It’s great because I’m rarely in a position to look back and I just have to become resourceful. I guess that’s why one of my gifts is a great ability to think outside the box.

My last business started from a single location in Las Vegas, Nevada; and after systematizing it, turned it into an international franchise organization and publicly listed the company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. That was on example of just jumping in and figuring it along the way. With franchising I had some experience before but I just jumped in – that was tough! But also rewarding. I also jumped into Publicly Listing it – that was kind of mind-blowing. Huge amount of fun and pressure all at the same time. It taught me an immense amount about business, life and people.

My focus is now on working with Entrepreneurs like you to achieve your vision by helping you, once and for all, create a true uniqueness in your marketplace so you can grab the attention of your ideal clients.

If my style resonates with with then I encourage you to take a step. Start with either reaching out to me on my contact page or by joining my free membership site. You can join the site by clicking here:   

What Others say about Richard…

Jason Ambrosio  Jason Ambrosio VP of Affilliate Development, AEON; 

I had the privilege of working with Richard for about 3 years. A veteran in the Franchising industry, he is a driven, hard working, and a multi-talented professional. He is very well versed at what it takes to do and bring business to the international stage. Having done business and set up businesses in many different countries, he was an extremely important resource to have.


Dom Ransay, Director of Investment Banking at Madison Street Capital, LLC; Chicago, Illinois

Richard contributed greatly to my life journey.  What a great guy, and a brilliant professional.  He has integrity, is gritty with talent, and has a gentle heart that loves an Adrenaline rush.  I would not think twice of working on any business project with Richard.  He is as inspiring as he is practical. In the field of small to mid-cap business strategizing, he is first class – and he’s a fantastic coach.  Really, I simply cannot say enough about Richard.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend you work with him!


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